Duffernutter Photography



Architectural photography is about feeling the space, through a sort of visual sight. When one looks at a photograph of an architectural work they are not just seeing a building but they are experiancing the whole space. In my photography I tell the whole story, not just buy photographing the space but by thinking what people will see when the look at the photograph. Will they see what I feel when I am standing there taking the photograph, if I can get as close to that feel then I have done my job well.


For me, event photography extends far beyond taking photographs of a clients event, the process turns into relationship building with each and every person at the event. The relationship oriented attitude brings amazing results because it allows the photographer and the participant to become closer connected, creating a synergy, resulting in a unique photograph. Each personal connection I make while photographing an event invites the subject to be a part of the creative process, I believe in working together, engaging with event participants to the point where we are both invested in the moment and become delighted with photography.