Hot 5 Features of Kitchens That Sell
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Wednesday, January 04, 2017
By Duffernutter
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Hot 5 Features of Kitchens That Sell

It is no secret that great kitchen will sell your home! But what makes a great kitchen? As a real estate photographer I photographed close to a thousand kitchens in the last year and wanted to share with you top five qualities that make or break a kitchen. Here is goes:

Modern finishes: This home had a beautiful kitchen finished in modern color pallet of whites and neutrals. Notice how backsplash, cabinets and counter top all speak in clean, new, welcoming tone.


The views: There is no question that kitchen is the best place in the house and its even better when it comes with a gorgeous view. This kitchen showcases the gem of the Northwest — the Puget sound. Who would not want to make coffee looking out at that every morning?

A large kitchen island: With dining rooms as more formal places for family gatherings, kitchen islands are made for heart-to-heart conversations, fun drinks with girlfriends, and a hot spot to create fun memories. And bigger the better!


High end appliances: Its no secret that in today’s hot real estate market we need every competitive advantage we can get. High end professional appliances will give you just that. And who doesn’t want to feel like a pro whether whipping up quick pancakes in the morning for loved ones or prepping a Thanksgiving feast?

Counter Space: Now we are talking! It seems like there is never enough of this precious commodity called “counter space” to place your blender, your coffee maker, your espresso machine, your fruit bowl; you name it, the list goes on! The more the merrier! So if your home got that precious counter space, don’t be shy to showcase it.


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